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MGM Grand Lion Habitat

The MGM Grand's Lion Habitat Permanantly closed on Jan 31st 2012. For other animal interactions, please visit Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat or the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.


In order to honor the iconic Leo figure that opens so many MGM films, the MGM Grand houses one of the coolest free attractions in Las Vegas, the Lion Habitat. In this large, three-story glass enclosure on the south side of the hotel-casino, visitors can watch a number of massive lions as they eat, sleep, and play. But that’s not all; visitors can also get up, close, and personal with the lions by passing through a glass tunnel underneath the habitat and oftentimes, underneath the very belly of one of these big cats.

The lions range from packs of females to a giant male or newborn cub, and they are all supposedly descendents of the MGM Studio Lion. All the lions are maintained and trained by expert animal handler Keith Evans, who actually owns the lions and makes sure they are healthy and well-behaved. The lions live on Evans’s 8.5 acre ranch 12 miles from the MGM Grand, and a select few are transported in every day on a special van. The lions brought in are different every day, so those that the visitors view are never the same that were there the day before. This prevents the lions from being cooped up repetitively. In the habitat, the lions are consistently attended to and played with by trainers, so that visitors don’t see them merely snoozing all the time.

The habitat itself is adorned with artificial rocks, native plants, and a waterfall to best recreate the lion’s natural environment. A vast skylight puts a spotlight on the lions, and they can frequently be found snoozing in the sunlight. Interesting facts about the lions are posted throughout the habitat, and trainers are often on hand to give lectures and answer questions. Though it’s not on the menu of typical things to do in Las Vegas, a visit to the MGM Grand Lion Habitat is a fun and educational way to see some of nature’s most beautiful creatures closer than ever before.

Located inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

More Info
Brief intermission from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (no animals will be on display at this time).

Best Known For
Viewing areas to see numerous lions and other big cats, as they eat, sleep, and play.

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