FIN offers traditional Chinese and Cantonese dishes in a modern and elegant dining room. The cuisine is mostly seafood and the food is expertly prepared by a team of chefs under the direction of Chef Chi Choy. There are really two types of food served at FIN. There are traditional dishes that many Americans will be familiar with like rice, noodle, beef, and chicken dishes. However, there are also several menu items that are more for adventurous tastes like stewed pork belly braised in a clay pot. There is actually an entire menu of items cooked in a clay pot. Another very authentic favorite is the Jellyfish and Octopus appetizer. They are served chilled and most will not be up for the adventure. But those who are will be in for a surprise.

The dining room is probably one of the most elegant that you will find at a Chinese restaurant. White linens complement textured turquoise walls while sparkling globes hang to the floor on long invisible strings. The décor is almost reminiscent of an underwater scene.

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3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

(866) 339-4566


Thursday - Monday: Lunch & Dim Sum (11:30 am - 3:30 pm); Dinner (5 pm - 11 pm)

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Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Cash

Call (866) 339-4566


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Dim Sum is available during the day

Best known for:
Clay pot dishes and authentic Chinese cuisine.