Sushi + Sake

If you are looking for a new take on sushi, this place is it! Sushi + Sake is anything but your typical sushi bar. It is a celebration of the fine art of Japanese sushi and its rich history and tradition. The restaurant has a very techno, hip, trendy, and contemporary feel about it. With ebony wood walls and a mixture of white marble and rich wood flooring, the restaurant has a very clean-cut look. The techno experience comes in to play with the fun purple, blues, and ever-color-changing wave walls throughout the restaurant. Funky lamps hang down from the ceiling, as well, giving the restaurant a fun and exciting night life atmosphere.

As the head conductor of this masterpiece, renowned chef Ryuji Hasimoto expresses his concept of demonstrating a classic sensory-sushi experience. He believes that sushi is a three-dimensional work of art that has deep rooted history and tradition. Sushi to him is food seen as a fine Japanese art. This has been capitalized in the actual construction of the restaurant and the food that comes out of the kitchen. The actual construction of the restaurant mimics the form and act of preparing sushi. The walls have slated insets, just like the bamboo mats that are used to roll sushi. The wave walls are used to mimic the movement and colorfulness of sushi. The sushi here really is a work of art! Each piece is hand made and delicious! They have everything from your favorite sashimi, nigiri, make, and cones. They also have a wide and exclusive collection of sake. The exotic infused sake is served at dinner or in their intimate sake lounge, where you can kick back and relax after a great meal.

You do not want to miss this artful experience. You will never think of sushi the same way again. You will see it as more than just food, but as a work of art that should be enjoyed and savored.
Hotel Map

Green Valley Ranch

2300 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, NV, 89052

(702) 617-7001

opens nightly at 5 pm


Average Cost:

Payment Options:
American Express, VISA, Mastercard, DISCOVER, & Cash


Casual – Business Casual

More Info:
Sunday – Thursday 5 pm – 7 pm: All you can eat sushi for $32.99, maximum of one hour dining.

Best known for:
Their exclusive collection of exotic infused sake.