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Anthony Cools

Paris Las Vegas
3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Anthony Cools is back on the Las Vegas show circuit, hypnotizing unsuspecting audience members in a wildly hilarious evening of uninhibited fun. Cools has been sharpening his skills in hypnosis for a long time, and this Vegas show proves just how real hypnosis really is. Anthony Cools will pick around 10 people from his audience, hypnotize them, and put together an unbelievable evening of hypnotized-induced pranks that will leave you scratching your head, wondering what you just saw. Cools loves using his skills for undeniably evil purposes, tapping into the carnal urges and subconscious wickedness of his Vegas show audience, removing all inhibitions.

Cools uses hypnotic stunts throughout this hilarious and interactive Vegas show include handshakes that induce vocal, sexual responses, as well as several other tricks so shocking, you will just have to visit the Vegas strip and see for yourself. Cools is adept at pushing the envelope while taking over the mind and body. He is very respectful though, knowing not to humiliate or embarrass his volunteers.

His explosive energy and excellent personality allows everyone to feel comfortable, as well as let everyone in attendance know this Vegas show is going to be 90 minutes of fun.

Show Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday at 9:00pm

Age Requirement
Must be age 18 or older to attend.

Show Length
90 minutes

Why Anthony Cools?
Anthony Cools experience is something you will not want to miss. From the moment he puts his 15 or so “subjects” into a hypnotic state, until the show's end when he awakens them with the instructions to go out on the Vegas strip and have the best they have ever had, Cools keeps his audience laughing throughout the entire evening. Cools' shows can go in a slew of naughty, comedic directions, usually depending on the mood of the audience at his Vegas show.

"They're all different; I never know what's going to happen. Everything is done on the fly. I read the audience when I get up on stage and just take it from there," said Cools. "I have about eight-and-a-half, nine hours of material I can pull from. I customize my material for whoever happens to get up on stage."
“The powers of hypnotist Anthony Cools are so awesome and far-reaching, that on occasion he reels in volunteers among audience members who didn’t intend to volunteer.” - The Las Vegas Guide

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