Cupids Wedding Chapel


For an intimate and traditional wedding in a quaint setting, Cupids Wedding Chapel is the ideal location. The small chapel offers several packages for a romantic wedding amidst its simple white pews, dark green carpeting, and clean, modern design. There is also a gazebo outside for photographs.

Though non-traditional wedding packages at Red Rock Canyon or with Elvis or James Brown impersonators are available, the specialty at Cupids is traditional weddings. The Chapel features flowers, boutonnieres, photography, music, videography, live internet broadcasts, limousines, and dove release for your every wedding need. Wedding consultants are also provided to see to the planning and details of the ceremony.

Multiple things set Cupids Wedding Chapel apart from other wedding chapels. Couples can be assured that their wedding will not be rushed; ceremonies are scheduled an hour apart to avoid over-booking and ensure that no one is ever required to wait or shorten their ceremony. Also, the chapel offers multiple reception packages for a convenient nearby reception after the ceremony. The receptions take place in a banquet hall within the facility, and the chapel provides DJs, décor, and a wide selection of food and beverages that include cold cuts, sushi, appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, side dishes and salads, and wedding cake. Cupids is also one of the only wedding chapels to offer family weddings for couples with children. They are integrated into the service and given their own token to mark the unifying of the entire family.

Cupids Wedding Chapel prides itself on providing big-production-wedding frills for inexpensive, non-big-production-wedding prices. Whether you decide to tie the knot or re-announce your love for each other, Cupids Wedding Chapel will be happy to host your special day with romance and style.

827 Las Vegas Blvd. So.
Las Vegas, NV

(702) 598-4444
1-(800) 543-2933 (Toll Free – 24 Hours a Day)

More Info:
Photography, Videography, Photo Tours, Flowers, Food, and Celebrity Weddings also available on-site.

Best Known For:
An intimate and quaint space for a personalized ceremony.