Victoria’s Wedding Chapel


Victoria’s Wedding Chapel is a fairly new Las Vegas chapel, but it’s already setting itself apart from the others with its modern décor and dedication to traditional and romantic weddings. At Victoria’s, couples can opt for a ceremony in Victoria’s Chapel, the outdoor Pavilion, or at the Embassy Down. Though the Embassy Down is clearly designed and intended to be a reception hall, the chapel and Pavilion are quite lovely; the former features a neoclassic design with marble floors, oak pews, and a ceiling painted to resemble the sky. The latter features a lot of seating capacity for a Las Vegas chapel outdoor wedding (it seats 150 people), a large tan-colored canopy, an ornate iron-gilt gazebo, and golden chairs amid white columns adorned with flowers.

Victoria’s offers all the traditional amenities of a wedding chapel, such as photography and videography services, flowers, limousine service, and more. What’s particularly special about Victoria’s, though, is their excellent reception service. Victoria’s offers award-winning cuisine, wedding cakes, party favors, DJs or live entertainment, and special touches to really make your reception stand out, such as ice sculptures, fireworks, a martini bar, fresh floral centerpieces, and a sushi bar, among others. Victoria’s also prides itself on its experienced staff and attention to detail; from the color of the sugar roses on the cake to the music playing when you walk down the aisle, they are committed to ensuring that everything goes the way you dreamed it would.

Guests rave about Victoria’s spaciousness and elegance. Unlike some of the “kitschier” Las Vegas wedding chapels, you won’t find Elvis here. What you will find is one of the only stand-alone Las Vegas wedding chapels with a dedication to sophistication and fine details. While not the best place to get married in a hurry or have a spunky, themed Las Vegas-style wedding, Victoria’s caters to a different kind of Las Vegas wedding, one with class and glamour.

2800 West Sahara Ave. #1e
Las Vegas, NV

(702) 252-4565 (Local)
1-(800) 344-5683 (Toll Free)

Monday – Thursday, Sunday (10 am – 6 pm); Friday (11 am – 6 pm)

More Info:
Wedding packages, Custom Weddings, Photography, Videography, Flowers, Reception Arrangements, Limo Service, Beauty Service, and more available on-site.

Best Known For:
Their excellent reception services.