10 Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

Experience the Grand Canyon South Rim Tours by Gray Line Tours

The Strip is definitely a siren, luring in guests of all ages to party, play and relax. But sometimes you just want to see what’s going on outside of the bright lights of the city. There is a whole other world out there and it involves scenic views, man-made lakes and some of the most historical sites in America. Here are Best of Vegas’ top ways to explore the great outdoors while in Vegas:  

1. Grand Canyon South Rim Tours by Gray Line Tours - What better way to explore Vegas’ surrounding nature than with a trip to the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon South Rim Tours by Gray Line Tours will offer an expert guide who narrates the area’s most interesting facts about its history, native cultures and early Western settlers of northern Arizona, all while you drive to the Grand Canyon. Once there you will enjoy a delicious lunch before entering the Grand Canyon Park and exploring trails, and gorgeous sights.   

2. Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Tour by Gray Line Tours - Experience Vegas’ surrounding nature by boat on the Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Tour. This thrilling adventure will put you inside the Desert Princess, an authentic three-level Mississippi-style paddle boat for gorgeous views of the man-made lake. Afterwards enjoy a two-hour VIP tour inside the Hoover Dam with an expert guide from the U.S. Department of the Interior.   

3. Wild West Horseback Ride and Sunset BBQ - There is nothing like exploring the great outdoors on horseback, and the Wild West Horseback Ride and Sunset BBQ will let you explore Nevada’s desert wilderness like never before. The 90-minute tour comes with a dinner amongst the Nevada stars.  

Take flight on Vegas Balloon Rides

4. Vegas Balloon Rides - How about seeing Nevada’s desert from high above in a hot air balloon? The Vegas Balloon Rides provide unparalleled views of the desert as you float 1,000 feet above the Las Vegas plain!  

5. Death Valley National Park Tour by Big Horn - Head out of state to Death Valley National Park in California and explore Zabriskie’s Point and the Harmony Borax Mine, as well as an off-roading adventure on a Big Horn hummer through 20 Mule Team Canyon and Artists Pallet.   

6. Zion National Park Tour - Experience stunning landscapes and natural beauty at Zion National Park during the Zion National Park Tour. See firsthand the Town of Grafton, Checkerboard Mesa in Zion National Park and The Watchman in Zion National Park.  

7. Valley of Fire Tour - Travel 3,000 years back in time with the Valley of Fire Tour. Experience gorgeous red colored rock formations, which was once the spiritual center of the ancient Anasazi Indians. 

Take flight on Vegas Balloon Rides

8. Red Rock Hiking Tour - Take a nature hike through the Red Rock Canyon on the Red Rock Hiking Tour. Here you will travel the most popular hikes in the Southwest with skilled, educated and trained guides. Hikes include Calico Tanks Lower and Upper, Turtlehead Peak, White Rock Loop, Ice Box Canyon and more.   

9. Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour & Gold Panning Adventure - Find your very own gold on the Eldorado Canyon Miner Tour & Gold Panning Adventure. The tour takes you to the Techatticup Mine in Eldorado Canyon, one of the oldest, richest and most famed mines in Nevada. You’ll learn about life during the gold rush then get a chance to find some of your own!  

10. ATV Tours by Las Vegas ATV Tours - Race through the sand dunes of Las Vegas on an ATV Tour by Las Vegas ATV Tours. While you drive through thousands of sand dunes take in the picturesque views of the Vegas desert. 

Las Vegas, NV – 4/12/17

By: Jena Pugh 


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