5 Best Ways to See Vegas from the Sky

Sundance City Lights Helicopter Tour in Las Vegas

Walking the Las Vegas Strip will bring you bright lights, adventure and moments of awe, so imagine what you’ll experience when you see the city and its surrounding areas from high above? From helicopters to hot air balloon rides and more, here are the top ways to experience Vegas from the sky:  

High Roller 
One of the more unique ways to experience the Strip from above is the High Roller at The LINQ. The world’s largest observation wheel takes riders in a complete circle. At its very height you will find yourself 550-feet above the bustling streets of Vegas. Take in the incredible view in your glass cabin as you slowly rotate around.   

Eiffel Tower Experience
The Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas allows visitors to not only experience the romance of Paris on the Strip but also experience the beauty of the city from high above. The Eiffel Tower offers 360 views of shimmering skyline from the attraction’s 46th floor. Sip champagne as you take in the beauty of the glowing city.    

Vegas Balloon Rides
For a floating sensation over the Nevada desert look no further than the Vegas Balloon Rides. This relaxing tour takes you off 1,000 feet above the Las Vegas plain for the ultimate vantage point. You’ll be able to spot the Strip as well as Nevada’s beautiful nature below.  

Flightlinez Tour
Pair a gorgeous view from high up with an adventure on Flightlinez Tour by Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon. This thrilling tour consists of a multi-run and multi-line series of zip lines. As you speed down the 1.56 miles you will get to take in breathtaking views of wildlife as well as Lake Mead, Boulder City, The Eldorado Valley and Las Vegas.

Helicopter Ride
The All-American Helicopter Tour and Sundance City Lights Helicopter Tours allow you to see Las Vegas like you never have before. The All-American Helicopter Tour flies guests out to the Grand Canyon where you will soar 4,000-feet above the wonder. The Sundance City Lights Helicopter Tour takes you on a 20-minute tour of just the Strip. You’ll see the bright lights, hotels, and views that made Vegas famous. Other Vegas Helicopter Tours include Vegas Nights Helicopter Tour and The Free Spirit Tour by Mustang Helicopter. 

Las Vegas, NV – 11/9/17

By: Jena Pugh


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