FUN Facts: Dietary Needs for a Blue Man and More

“Visually stunning,” “wildly inventive,” and hysterically funny.” That’s how critics have described the Blue Man Group at the Venetian over the years. And if you’ve ever seen the Las Vegas show you know the critics are right. Fusing music, dance and humor in such a way that you’re not quite sure if you’re watching a dance troupe or comedy routine, Blue Man Group is nothing short of eclectic. And while you may be familiar with the stunts and tricks of this unique show, do you really KNOW them? Here’s a quick look into Blue Man Group both on and off stage:

The Blue Man Group is famous for playing with their food on stage. From marshmallows to Captain Crunch and even Twinkies, these guys toss back the junk food like it’s nobody’s business. In fact, during a 14-show week Blue Man Group throws and eats more than 490 marshmallows. In one year, they’ll have used approximately 1,820 pounds of Captain Crunch and more than 2,900 Twinkies! Not to mention 87 ½ gallons of Jell-O are made per week for the show.

Dietary needs aside, the Blue Man Group also spend a considerable amount of time getting “blue” for their performances. It takes approximately one hour to get in costume for the show and that includes the paint used on their heads that, by the way, never dries so you don’t loose that glossy effect. In one week, these guys use more than 78 gallons of mixed tempera paint!

There’s no argument that Blue Man Group wouldn’t be the Blue Man Group at all if it weren’t for the blue paint. And the same can be said about all of the gadgets they use on stage. Drums are certainly the Blue Man Group’s instrument of choice, which would explain why there are 68 drums and eight different types of drum sticks featured in each show.  That doesn’t include the more than 550 feet of PVC tubing they also like to beat on.

Aside from their regular gig at the Venetian, Blue Man Group has opened for the 8th Annual Latin Grammy Awards with Ricky Martin, where Ricky became the first celebrity to do a little paint drumming with the men.

And speaking of celebrities, Blue Man Group has collaborated with their fair share of Hollywood’s finest including Dave Matthews, Moby and Jill Scott, with celebs like Zac Bragg and David Cross donning the blue paint for their television roles.

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