Best Bets for Super Bowl XLVII fun while in Las Vegas

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest event of the year when it comes to sports betting. And this year will be no different as experts predict Super Bowl XLVII just may be the most wagered on game in history at the Las Vegas sports books. Whether you’ve got your money on the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers or you just like being a part of the excitement of being in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, here are the top places to watch and bet on the big game:

The Bellagio Race and Sports Book is one of the most luxurious race and sports books in the world, let alone Las Vegas. Tucked into a corner of the upscale Las Vegas hotel, the Bellagio sports book is one of the biggest in the city – 5,600-square-feet but still manages to offer an intimate atmosphere with top notch bar service, excellent views of the game and incredible seating. You’ll be able to take in the game on 6 large screens, 38 sports bar flat screens and other various screens throughout the sports book. If you’ve only ever watched a football game from a suite you’ll find yourself very comfortable in the Bellagio Race and Sports Book for the Super Bowl.

The Hard Rock Hotel may conjure up images of rock concerts, guitars hanging form the walls and famous musicians but it’s also home to one of the top sports books in The Entertainment Capital of the World. Offering 60 seats; 28 plasma screens; sports memorabilia throughout and a sports bar, which features a few gaming tables of its own, the Cantor Race & Sports Book at the Hard Rock Hotel combines the excitement of a traditional sports book with a sports bar.

If you’ve ever been to Caesars Palace to watch a boxing match or football game you know how incredible the experience is. Hailed as the “Home of the Champions” Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book offers plenty of seats with individual TV monitors as well as several huge TV screens hung throughout the atmospheric place. And after hosting some of the most famous events in sports history, including fights with Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler, Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book is the ultimate venue for Super Bowl XLVII.

For the ultimate gaming experience and most luxurious place to watch the game head to MGM Grand for a 5,300 square-foot venue that features seating for 104 guests, thirty-six 65-inch LCD televisions and two twenty-four 42-inch plasmas in the arena. MGM Grand Race & Sports Book is also the first race and sports book in the industry to offer “SkyBoxes” for guests. Each Skybox ranges from 300 to 325 square-feet and offers the latest technology available like 42-inch plasma TVs, surround sound, and CD systems. The Skyboxes can fit up to 10 guests, making it the ideal place to watch the game with family and friends.

And remember, these hotels don’t just have great gaming capabilities they are also excellent places to stay during your Super Bowl XLVII visit.

Las Vegas, NV - 1/25/13


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