Crazy Girls Las Vegas Celebrates 30 Years

30 Years of Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls has been heating up the Strip for decades and on October 3, the adult revue celebrated its 30th anniversary. It is now the longest-running Las Vegas topless revue still in production. In celebration of the popular production here are six fun facts:  

Keeping It Fresh
Thirty years is a long time for a show, especially a topless one. So how does Crazy Girls stay fresh and relevant? They constantly change. New dancers and new numbers are just a few ways the show mixes things up for visitors. 

Tall Girls
There are no height requirements for Crazy Girls but because some of the dancers used to be members of fellow topless revue Jubilee some of them are 5’8” to 5’10” tall! 

Every Girl Goes Solo
You might think that topless revues are a dime a dozen in Vegas, but there are none like Crazy Girls. What sets them apart is that every girl gets a solo act.

The dancers wear up to 10 wigs a night for the various acts. Often times when they come out for their solo performance they show their own hair. Otherwise it’s a wig!    

Costume Changes
In addition to the wigs, the dancers go through several costume changes. Eighteen in total! That might seem like a lot due to the fact that it is a topless revue but the outfits really make the show all the more sensual and help us distinguish between acts. Despite how skimpy the costumes are, they do require a seamstress.

Celebrity Visitors
Over its three decades, Crazy Girls has entertained millions of people, including such stars as Nicholas Cage, Magic Johnson, Tom Jones, Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro.   

In honor of the 30th anniversary, the Crazy Girls celebrated with dinner at Tao in The Venetian and then with a little nightclub fun at Tao Nightclub.   

Later this year, a second cast will be recruited so the Crazy Girls can open a residency in the principality of Monaco near the French Riviera.   

Crazy Girls performs Thursday through Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. at the Planet Hollywood Sin City Theatre. Come celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary with discounted tickets right here on Best of Vegas. 

Las Vegas, NV – 10/18/17

By: Jena Pugh  


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