Enjoy the Motown Sound with Human Nature at the Venetian

It’s amazing what a move can do for your creativity. The Australian Aussie Motown group Human Nature moved nearly three weeks ago into their new residency at the Venetian, and with just a few song and staging changes, the production feels completely new. During their opening weekend, the four boys from “Down Under” sang with more gusto, had a bigger spring in their step and made audiences sing and dance like it was their first time on stage.

And maybe all of that isn’t because of their move or the new changes but more because that’s just how these guys are. They love belting out the Motown hits and getting their guests to shake and rattle in their seats regardless of what Las Vegas hotel they are in. They’ve been celebrating Motown for over 23 years, and have perfected an exciting 90-minute production that is a fast-paced, non-stop show, which pumps out the Motown hits and dance moves with the kind of energy you won’t find anywhere on the strip.

If you saw Human Nature at its former location at Imperial Palace, now the Quad, you know how amazing the show is, but not as amazing as it is with the new changes. The Aussies have said that they have changed 90 percent of the staging and 30 percent of the music, making for a completely refreshed production. While still singing a majority of Motown hits, the four Aussies have also added a little Australian flair to their lineup with their own original song. The show also features video that lets them sing along with the man who helped launch their success in Las Vegas, Smokey Robinson on “Tracks of My Tears.”

What has not changed is their incredible 7-player backup band Funk Foundation with drummer, pianist, bass, guitar and three horns band and a premium sound system that highlights their voices.

Brothers Mike and Andrew Tierney and best friends Phil Burton and Toby Allen became a Las Vegas sensation when they left Australia for a two-night gig in Atlantic City. That fateful performance brought them to Smokey Robinson, who ultimately insisted they had to play on the Strip. Since then they have drawn in thousands of guests five nights a week and just in the past year, Human Nature has received national attention with a PBS special, a CD, a DVD, and a U.S. tour all before Christmas and all before settling into their new home at the Venetian.

Don’t miss the incredibly energetic production by Human Nature in their new home at the Venetian Thursday through Monday with discounted tickets right here on Best of Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – 02/07/13


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