Inside the Deadly Delmont Hotel at Eli Roth’s Goretorium

We’re half way through July, which means you may begin to see eerie shadows in the dark and hear mysterious noises coming from under your bed. That sense of fear may slowly begin to choke you as Halloween waits on the horizon. And if you just can’t wait until October for your first blood-curdling scream of the season Eli Roth’s Goretorium at Planet Hollywood is ready whenever you work up the nerve to enter the attraction’s deadly Delmont hotel.

The phrase “You can check in but you can’t check out” has never been more appropriate than it is at The Delmont Hotel. As you enter the Goretorium you’re told the horrific story of The Delmont Hotel’s murderous proprietors. Many would make the hotel their last stop before disappearing. Rumor has it that deadbeat gamblers and those who couldn’t afford to pay were “dealt” with. But little did anybody know the family was actually involved in a sinister cult that included sacrificing guests for their rituals to their evil god. Eventually police wound up discovering the owner’s evil plot as well as hundreds of mutilated corpses throughout the hotel. And now you get to experience the sacrificial horror as you tour The Delmont Hotel.  

The haunt actually starts in the lobby of The Delmont where you take an elevator with the bellman to your room. But before you arrive, something goes wrong and the bellman disappears, leaving you to explore the haunted hotel alone. In search of your room, you’ll walk through ghastly rooms only to find some pretty horrific ways in which guests perished. 

Along with the guests rooms you hesitantly walk into are some of the Delmont’s other gruesome rooms including the Laundry room, the Meat locker, the kitchen, and the Buffet. And you’ll be surprised to see that something awful has happened in each one. 

One lucky person will even be able to try their luck at a slot machine in The Delmont Casino, but beware of surprises! There’s also the hotel chapel where guests might not be as dead as you think.

Throughout the entire experience live actors, animatronics and special effects make the experience incredibly real and extremely horrific. You’ll encounter such awful sites as a conveyor belt of dead bodies, a washer and dryer filled with skin, a meat grinder and a rotisserie of heads among many other truly grotesque scenes. The Goretorium lasts approximately 20-minutes, the longest 20-minutes of your life!

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Las Vegas, NV – 07/19/13



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