Monte Carlo Resort Adds All-New Vegas Photo Op 3D Experience

Take a photo with a shark in the all-new Monte Carlo Resort photo op 
Monte Carlo Resort is messing with your senses this year. The Las Vegas hotel is now home to the “Trick Eye Experience,” which encourages guests to become a part of the art with life-size interactive 3D paintings.   

Located on BLVD at Monte Carlo, two one-of-a-kind hand-painted murals await guests, who are encouraged to strike a pose “inside” the art. The Scorpion Mural features three brown and orange scorpions living outside a terrarium. If you decide to stand on the platform, it will look like you are inside the terrarium with prickly cacti and a fuchsia succulent.   
Monte Carlo Resort has added fun 3D Vegas photo ops
The other “Trick Eye” is dessert-themed and features 12 colored macaroons inside a giant cookie jar with a fuzzy, yellow and black bumblebee buzzing around outside of the treats. Take a fun picture of getting your hand, err body caught inside the cookie jar.  

There is a third painting outside the west casino entrance of the resort. Those who dare can step inside a great white shark’s mouth just before entering the Vegas hotel. 
“Each piece creates the illusion of being a part of the painting and invites those walking by to engage with the murals and take photos,” said Stimmell in a statement. “At first observers are unsure of what they’re looking at, but as soon as someone joins the piece, each work of art comes alive.”

The “Trick Eye Experience” will be on display at Monte Carlo until 2018. Additional murals will be added throughout the year.   

Las Vegas, NV – 2/7/17


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