Only in Vegas: iCandy Burlesque

Burlesque is not a new concept for Vegas. In fact, with its fantastic costumes and sultry acts, striptease has long been one of the most popular forms of entertainment in The Entertainment Capital of the World. There is even a burlesque museum on the Strip that highlights all of the major performers who helped make burlesque a much-celebrated dance form in Las Vegas. And while there many great choices for a striptease show in Las Vegas, there is only one that takes the salacious art of burlesque and adds a modern twist – iCandy Burlesque.

The name truly says it all. iCandy Burlesque at Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood is an “i” popping good time full of the sensuous stuff burlesque is famous for like gorgeous scantily clad ladies (and one studly guy) who love nothing more than to show off their “assets” to an excited crowd. But unlike some of Vegas’ other burlesque shows, iCandy Burlesque stops short of revealing the goods. But don’t let the idea of covered breasts keep you away from this Las Vegas show. Even without topless acts, iCandy still manages to be a rousing production that will make your imagination work overtime!

The show spotlights three lovely ladies that are certainly not shy of the spotlight: Jamie Lynch from “X Factor,” Felicia Garcia of “The Voice” and international touring artist Elisa Furr, all of which show off their vocal talent through numerous pop songs. In addition to Lynch, Garcia and Furr, iCandy offers up dozens of stunning women who tease, flirt and dance their way across the stage and even into the audience for a heart pounding good time.

Along the way the sexy ladies perform in 30 sultry burlesque numbers and undergo an incredible 100 costume changes with each costume becoming more revealing than the last. The outfits or what little is left of them are also torn, ripped and slipped off during sultry routines, giving guests a teasing peek as to what could be.

When the show is over you’ll definitely want more and the ladies of iCandy know that, that’s why they escort you down to the iCandy Burlesque Lounge where you can continue the party all night long.

For a show that is sure to titillate your senses and have you begging for more look for discounted iCandy Burlesque tickets right here on Best of Vegas. Performances for iCandy Burlesque are 10:30 p.m. nightly Wednesday to Monday at Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood.

Las Vegas, NV – 12/19/12


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