The Playlist: Best CeeLo Green Songs

After a postponement in July, Grammy winning singer and “The Voice” judge CeeLo Green is finally kicking off his new residency show “CeeLo Green is Loberace” at Planet Hollywood on Wednesday, Feb. 27. To get you prepared for The Lady Killer here are Best of Vegas’ top CeeLo Green songs:

Crazy – This debut single from Gnarles Barkely was a musical collaboration between Danger Mouse and CeeLo Green. According to Danger Mouse, it was created out of a conversation the two were having about insanity and artists. Danger Mouse said, “I somehow got off on this tangent about how people won't take an artist seriously unless they're insane... So we started jokingly discussing ways in which we could make people think we were crazy... CeeLo took that conversation and made it into 'Crazy,' which we recorded in one take.” An instant hit, “Crazy” became a top 10 hit in Europe, North America and Australia when it was first released in 2006 and reached number one of the single charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand and other countries.
Why we like it: CeeLo makes being crazy sound kind of fun and that makes us feel better when we’re feeling a little out of touch. Plus, if being crazy means we’re like CeeLo, then we don’t’ want to be sane!

Forget You –
This song was released on August 19, 2010 as the first single from CeeLo’s third studio album, “The Lady Killer.” It was a fast hit and was even nominated for the “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year and won “Best Urban Alternative Performance” at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. It was also named the #1 song of 2010 by Time.
Why we like it: It’s upbeat tone reminiscent of a 1960’s song and honest lyrics showcasing how CeeLo really feels about what some say is an ex and others say is the music industry, “Forget You” couples his vocal talents with his sense of humor and that makes us love him and this song even more.

It’s Ok – The second single from his “The Lady Killer, “It’s Ok” peaked at number 20 on the UK Singles Chart and made BBC Radio 1’s A-Playlist in the U.K. It was exclusively released in the UK and certain areas of Europe it has not yet charted in the U.S. but give it time!
Why we like it: We actually kind of like that it hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves in the U.S. yet. It makes it feel like a hidden gem that few know about, which ultimately means it won’t get overplayed on the radio. But besides its lack of popularity here, “It’s Ok” continues to show off Cee Lo’s versatile style by mixing 1970’s vibes with his incredible voice. Plus, it shows off CeeLo’s more sensitive side.

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Las Vegas, NV – 02/11/13


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