Vegas Balloon Rides Has Your Ticket to the Las Vegas Skies

If you’re looking for a great way to spend the holidays or start the New Year, then you need to explore the incredibly blue Las Vegas sky and lovely desert terrain on a hot air balloon with Vegas Balloon Rides!

The Vegas Air Balloon Rides is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. And with a spectacular bird’s eye view of Sin City, the Las Vegas valley and the surrounding residential and desert areas in one of the most unique vehicles ever created for flight it’s also one of the most fun! The air adventure begins bright and early with pickup at your hotel. You’ll then be escorted to the launch site where you’ll meet
your Pilot and flight crew all before the sun even rises! Before you can take off you’ll listen to a safety briefing, which teaches mechanics and inflating procedure of the hot air balloon.

At that time you’ll watch the hot air balloon inflate and no doubt marvel at the incredible size of it as it towers an astonishing 10 stories over you upon complete inflation. Once you get over how big the balloon really is you and your family will climb aboard the gondola for a calming trip through the serene Nevada sky.

In a matter of minutes, you’re soaring a glorious 800 feet above the Las Vegas skyline where you’ll see the southwest part of the valley and views of the Vegas Strip and downtown, as well as Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains. Since wind directions can vary each day, there is a chance you’ll fly right over a neighborhood and see well-wishers below waving to you.

And as you peacefully drift in the Las Vegas morning air you just might spot some of the desert’s wildlife and surrounding nature that you don’t normally get to see during your Las Vegas visit. The flight is approximately 1-hour long, giving you plenty of time to snap photos of the gorgeous sights and relax in the cool early morning breeze.

The hot air balloon flight ends with a champagne toast and snack in celebration of your ride in the sky. Your tour guides will then share the history of the hot air balloon, giving you a whole new appreciation for your recent flight. And just as you watched the hot air balloon inflate, you’ll get the chance to watch the deflation process too!

The Vegas Balloon Rides is also an excellent way to make the holidays a peaceful one, so look for discounted Vegas Balloon Rides right here on Best of Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – 12/18/12


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