Bellagio Casino Review

The casino at the Bellagio has a reputation as being one of the best spots for high-rollers to come and bet. However, there are some much less expensive options when it comes to gaming at this casino as well. The casino at the Bellagio is huge and almost any type of table game you’ve ever heard of is available. The private Prive club is designed especially for the high-rollers. The Bellagio is also home to one of the busiest poker rooms in town. Comfortable leather seats and excellent cocktail service are just a few of the luxury features you will find in this casino. Most of the tables have minimums of $15 and upwards, especially on weekends and holidays. However, there are still penny slots at this high end casino, so keep your eyes open.

The poker room has 40 regular tables and 5 high limit tables and the room happens to be notorious for having some of the best players in town. The poker room is private and closed off from the smoke and noise caused by the casino. The poker room offers 7-card stud, Hold-em, Omaha 8, and a few mixed games. There are often no-limit games going on if there are enough players for one. Low limit tables often have a wait during high-traffic times. Everyone in the casino is entitled to free drinks no matter the game you are playing. However, other comps might be slightly harder to get. The Bellagio tends to focus on high-rollers and shower them with comps while those betting small amounts may need to put in a little effort to get noticed.

The Bellagio has one of the best sports books in town. They have 20 screens. Four are big screen TVs for main events while the other screens can combine to show an event on a few screens put together or broken down to all show individual games or races. There are also almost 200 seats for race and sports bettors. Some of the seats are configured in a lounge type setting for the sports bettors, while others offer individual TVs for race bettors that want to hone in on the action. There are also 15 betting windows and electronic sign boards that display scores and odds that change daily.

Poker players will love the poker room at the Bellagio. There are 40 regular tables and 5 no-limit tables. The room is also private and non-smoking so the smell and noise of the casino are hidden for those trying to focus on the game. They also offer very comfortable chairs and extra services and amenities in their secluded high-limit poker area.