Bellagio Fountains

The fountains outside the Bellagio Hotel may very well be the most famous spot on the Strip. In fact, the front of the hotel has been used as a backdrop in several major motion pictures. No trip to Las Vegas is complete without stopping to see the show. Music, water, and light come together to create one of the most memorable experiences found anywhere on the Strip. The fountains light up the night on the one quarter mile long lake that offsets the Bellagio Hotel from the street.

The 1,200 separate fountains make up this spectacular show that is randomly configured and different every time, meaning that you will never see the same show twice. The show takes place every 15 minutes or every half hour, depending on the time of year. The water and lights seem to dance to the romantic music that plays in the background. The show has been a crowd favorite for years and spectators stop in crowds 3 or 4 rows thick for almost every performance. The best part about this show is that it’s free and since it’s centrally located one the Strip, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone visiting Las Vegas not to see it.

The fountains cost $40 million to build and professional choreographers and composers were brought in to ensure the timing and fluidity of the fountains. Some of the fountains are timed perfectly with the music, while others randomly shoot water up to 240 feet in the air to frame the main display in the center. The show offers different songs throughout the night so it would be almost impossible to see the same show twice on one visit.

This spot is perfect for a first date. The fountains have also been featured in several movies, but most memorably the closing scene from Oceans 11. The fountains are also visible from several of the restaurants located inside the Bellagio and from the shops at Via Bellagio. Restaurants like Jasmine and Olives even offer outdoor patios with seating right along the lake. These spots are some of the most romantic in town and the fountains are a must-see for any couple traveling through Las Vegas. The Bellagio Hotel also offers one of the most unique wedding ceremonies in town from one of the patios on Lake Bellagio. The team at the Bellagio will create the most romantic setting imaginable by perfectly timing the fountains to go off at the exact moment you and your new spouse enjoy your first kiss as a married couple. Even if you aren’t getting married, just the sight of these fountains will put you in a romantic mood, not to mention give you a taste of what Las Vegas is truly about.