Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Just beyond the lobby filled with glass flowers, guests at the Bellagio will find a beautiful conservatory filled with thousands of real flowers. The displays at the botanical gardens are a must-see for any green thumb. The plants, flowers, and themes change seasonally, but it is always worth a visit. Flowers of all different colors and species create life size sculptures of people and animals. For spring, the Bellagio has set up an English greenhouse filled with real butterflies. Large watering cans will spill water onto the beautiful flowers below.

Every season, the conservatory completely wipes clean and starts from scratch, so even if you’ve been there once, you’ll never see the same display duplicated. Each year and entire team of specially trained engineers and horticulturists get together and create a concept for the display. Then, thousands of rare and exotic plants are flown in from all over the country and kept in a 40,000 square-foot greenhouse off-site. When it’s time for the flowers to be arranged, they are brought in and planted by hand to create the unbelievable displays. A team of 100 horticulturists work for a week straight while the display is being created. Once the conservatory is open to the public the flowers are changed out every few weeks to make sure they are always looking fresh and bright. Lighting engineers work to enhance their beauty and make sure every flower is looking its best. Water features are also brought in to create a natural feeling inside the conservatory. The display changes for the following occasions: summer, spring, fall, the holidays, and Chinese New Year. For the Chinese New Year display, Feng Shui experts are brought in to make sure the lighting, colors, and water create the proper energy to put guests at ease. Feng Shui mixes the different elements in nature to create consistency and harmony to relax those that walk through the conservatory.

No where else in the world will you be able to see the beauty of the natural world brought inside into an air conditioned environment and displayed in a way that plant lovers and non-plant lovers alike can appreciate.

Admission to the conservatory is free and thousands of visitors each year come to the Bellagio just to see the displays. The smells from the conservatory brighten the entire hotel and since the flowers match the season, so does the scent. Some of the large trees in the conservatory are permanent. A banyan tree is estimated to be over 100 years old. During the day, sun shines in through the sky light and the flowers are lit up naturally. At night, soft lighting highlights different areas of the conservatory for a completely different experience.