Jean-Phillipe Patisserie

Another delicious and romantic spot is Jean-Phillipe Patisserie at the Bellagio. Jean-Phillipe Maury is a world-class chef and it would only be fitting for him to open a bakery at the Bellagio, amidst some of the most coveted restaurants in the world. The storefront is home to an eye-catching 27-foot tall chocolate fountain which pumps almost two tons of chocolate. All of his decadent creations are made on-site with over 70 chefs working in the kitchen. The pastries are 67 to 97 percent chocolate giving all the desserts a rich chocolate flavor. Jean-Phillipe also does not believe in using preservatives so the shelf life for his products is only about two weeks. The Patisserie is also home to giant chocolate sculptures that change regularly. These sculptures are unique works of art and it is worth coming to the Patisserie just to see them.