The Exotic Car Show at Caesars

The Exotic Car Show at Caesars Palace is a favorite for car lovers. The 26,000 square foot luxury show room, the two-story space displays some of the world’s most coveted exotic cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and many other out-of-reach automobile options. Although you may not be able to purchase one, you can still take your time looking around the shops and even have your picture taken inside one of the cars.

Although this showroom may look like it is only for show, many people come to the Exotic Car Show at Caesars Palace and actually purchase cars. The storefront has a VIP lounge for shoppers and lots of other luxury amenities that you wouldn’t normally find at a car dealership. While everything at the Forum Shoppes may seem slightly out of reach, having a car dealership right inside the mall has really put them in the spotlight, even more, as being the ultimate in luxury shopping destinations.