Caesars Palace Lobby

For years Caesars Palace has maintained its unique theme without becoming cheesy or overdone. The muted tones, marble fixtures, and elegant yet classic furnishings have made Caesars Palace one of the most luxurious resorts on the Strip and regulars often say that they wouldn’t stay anywhere else. Walking into Caesars Palace is like opening the doors to another time and place. Before even setting foot into the building you will notice the beautiful statues and fountains out front. A statue of Venus, the roman goddess of love and beauty stands tall with water shooting all around her.

Once you enter through the revolving glass door you will find yourself in a lobby that is, (like many ancient structures) much larger than necessary; hence the name—Caesars Palace. The room is round with a beautiful statue of three ladies barely wearing clothing. They sit on top of a large water fountain that pours out a light stream of water from all sides of the statues. In the spring, the goddesses sit on top of a bed of fresh flowers that fills the room with a light, fresh aroma. As the seasons change, the fountain is decorated with flowers or other accents according to the time of year.

The dome ceiling is filled with paintings similar to many found in Rome. Behind the check-in desk you will notice larger than life paintings that depict gods, chariots, and beautiful white horses. Sculpted ceilings and ornate details make this hotel lobby a tourist attraction just in itself. Breathtaking paintings are hung behind the front desk. There are paintings of men, gods, and of course horses. Vaulted ceilings make way for sun paintings from which illuminated globes hang. The lighting fixtures are all made to resemble the sun which was very important theme in ancient Rome. Romans believed that the Gods controlled the rising and setting of the sun. The designers of Caesars Palace made all the light fixtures resemble the sun and the sky because in ancient Rome, of course, lighting fixtures did not exist.