Caesars Palace Pool

In ancient Rome bathing was more than just a way to get clean; it was considered a social and spiritual act as well. The healing powers of the waters in ancient Rome have been recreated at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace. The pool covers an expansive 4.5 acres and consists of four separate pools, two whirlpool spas, and a beautiful garden area worthy of the gods. All pools are decorated with marble and beautiful blue mosaic tiles creating intricate patterns beneath sparkling blue water.

The Temple Pool is considered the most beautiful of the pool areas. It is a round pool that surrounds a concrete island with a giant rotunda raised high above the pool on columns to provide shade for those lounging and swimming below. A golden statue of Caesar himself watches over the pool area from the center of the island. Fountains shoot from all side of his temple as they cool anyone who should so happen to swim by.

The Neptune pool is a smaller pool which is perfect for swimming laps, this way you can rejuvenate your mind and body. However, one of the favorites at Caesars Palace is the Venus Pool. The Venus Pool is the perfect place to enjoy some adult-only sunbathing. Venus is the European-style pool at Caesars Palace. Also known as The Venus Pool Club, it is enclosed by thick shrubbery giving it an even more mysterious and alluring quality to those on the outside. At this pool you can enjoy amenities such as hourly misting with Evian water, complimentary frozen fruit, and cold towels. There is also a bar and café with waitresses that offer poolside service. You can even enjoy a massage or just pay someone to put your suntan lotion on for you (seriously).

No matter which pool you choose, Caesars Palace will treat you like royalty. They often bring grapes and bottled water to their steaming guests. There are also several poolside bars and a small poolside café, Snackus Maximus. There are cabanas for rent in almost every area of the garden and pool rafts can be rented daily as well.