Caesars Palace Weddings

With so many beautiful backdrops to choose from, you may want to have more than one wedding at Caesars Palace! The Classico Chapel at Caesars can accommodate 196 guests. The classic beige décor and stained glass windows will make your ceremony unforgettable. Two delicate chandeliers hang above the aisle lighting the path as you walk to the alter. The alter itself is marble and sits in front of a large blue stained-glass window. The rest of the room is muted and simple with beige carpeting and chairs, ensuring that all of the focus is on the bride. Couples looking for a little more drama and romance may want to try the Romano Chapel. In an intimate roman-inspired room fit for 35 guests, the Romano Chapel offers authentic columns and European elegance. Gold draperies hide a mirror which is the backdrop for the alter. Chairs are reminiscent of any small church you would find in Italy and this room is one of the most intimate settings for a small Las Vegas wedding that you are likely to find.

The most popular place in the hotel to get married is in the Venus Garden which is surrounded by plants and tropical trees. The garden is perfectly kept with a wide variety of exotic flowers and a koi fish pond. Fountains and stone columns rise right out of the grass creating a picturesque spot to exchange your vows. The Venus Garden is an entire chapel carved completely out of stone but still open to the beautiful Las Vegas sky. Statues of gods will great you and your guest as you make you way to the alter. When it comes to outdoor weddings in Vegas, this private little corner of the Caesars Palace garden is so beautiful you will hardly believe that it is real. Another popular choice is Caesars Tuscana Chapel. A large antique chandelier hangs above the room which offers seating for 80. The room’s old world charm is perfect for a traditional Italian ceremony as the alter is set in front of a beautiful mural that depicts the old country. Caesars Palace also offers packages for honeymooners, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorettes, and vow renewal ceremonies.

The in-house florist at Caesars Palace can create almost anything you can dream up. Alter arrangements, boutonnières, cakes, centerpieces, corsages, hair decorations, and almost anything else you can think of can be created right here on-site with the help of your personal wedding planner who can help guide you in your selections. Caesars also offers reception services both in the banquet rooms as well as in private sections of several of the top restaurants in the hotel. Either have the staff create a custom menu tailored specifically to your guests tastes or enjoy a pre-selected menu at restaurants such as: Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, Mesa Grill, 808, and more. Live music, photography, videography, invitations, gown rental, tuxedo rental, and pretty much any service you might need can be provide in either one of the unique wedding packages or a custom tailored wedding designed specifically for you.