Color Salon by Michael Boychuck

Michael Boychuck is the celebrity mastermind behind Color at Caesars Palace. He’s already known for being one of the top celebrity stylists in town; with clients like Nicky and Paris Hilton, Fergie, and Kirsten Dunst. Boychuck has admitted that he only got into the business originally to meet girls and then realized he actually liked it.

Boychuck performs about half of the services he provides at his salon. He admits that a good stylist should specialize in one thing and since he had always had a natural affinity for color (winning a crayon-coloring contest when he was seven) he found it only fitting to become a specialist in color. Color, which opened in late 2007, is the first on the Strip to offer laser enhanced hair extensions that can be done in half the time of traditional methods. Color offers 90-minute couples pedicures as well as on-site “hair florists” and “hair jewelers” that will give clients all the accessories they need for a perfect night out. On the weekends a local DJ spins right inside the salon.

The amenities and services offered at Michael Boychuck’s salon are colorful, to say the least. He truly does bring his "palette of experience" to the Strip. However, getting an appointment with him is not easy so book far in advance. Who knows…you may be sitting in a styling chair right next to one of the Hilton sisters.