The Pool at Circus Circus

Circus Circus makes sure that blue waters are never far from your reach, even in a circus tent in the middle of the desert. Three pools offer relaxation and fun in the sun anytime of year. There is a pool located at each of the Circus Circus towers and there is also one at the RV Park. So no matter where you’re staying, there is always a pool nearby. There are also three Jacuzzis on-site for taking a dip during the winter months.


What’s nice about the pool at Circus Circus is the relaxed attitude. There are plenty of families and not everyone is wearing a tiny string bikini and looks like they haven’t had a sandwich in about a year. This is no “see and be seen” pool area with fancy cabanas and butlers, just a nice relaxing pool area where anyone can come and splash around for a bit. There is also no need to spend a ton of money just to have the privilege of shade. Large Circus Tent Umbrellas act as canopies in the shade and they are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Lounge chairs are available and towels are provided. There is also a small snack bar that offers poolside refreshments.