Tournament of Kings Dinner Show

The Tournament of Kinds Dinner Show is a favorite for kids. What better place for a show like this in Vegas besides the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The theme of the show fits perfectly with the hotel. Tournament of Kings is a dinner show with live actors on horseback galloping through the stadium as patrons enjoy their meal. The show has a medieval theme and so does the meal as utensils are not allowed in the arena and guests must eat with their hands just as you would’ve done during medieval times. Different areas of the stadium are assigned to a different king who is said to represent their country. Everyone is encouraged to cheer for your own king as he jousts and competes in live action competitions with other kings. At the end of each performance a different winner is crowned.

This is no quiet affair. Everyone is expected to scream, yell, chant, and have a great time. The show tells a full story as one of the kings is killed and the others seek revenge on his behalf. Kids will love the live action taking place in front of them and the large amount of audience interaction that takes place. Dinner will be served during the show. Dinner includes: soup, potato, Cornish hen, broccoli, dinner rolls, dessert, and beverage; all served right in front of you while you watch the show.

This show is a favorite among kids and the dinner is delicious. This is a fun experience that the whole family can enjoy. The circus style arena and theme of the show are fun for everyone. Your waitress will even appear in medieval themed clothing and you will drink from old cups and eat off of old wooden plates as you sit in rows instead of at tables. Horse lovers will also enjoy the show as these horses are some of the most beautiful that you will see. The costumes and special effects in the show will also wow the audience. Knights are dressed in traditional royal costumes and even the horses wear coordinating saddles. Even King Arthur makes an appearance as he dines with the kings at the famous round table.