Pool Attire

Although it may seem like common sense, pool attire can be very important in Las Vegas. Trendy bathing suits, cute cover-ups, sunglasses, scarves, and other fun accessories can dress up a simple bathing suit to really make a fashion statement at some of the high profile pool parties. Pools in Las Vegas can be just as picky as night clubs when it comes to who gets in and who doesn’t and your outfit can make or break that decision in some cases.

You will also want to consider the fact that just because it’s a hot day, doesn’t mean you can walk around in a bathing suit in the casino or anywhere else in the hotel so plan on going back to the room to change before deciding to play a few hands. Although casual attire is perfectly acceptable in a casino during the day, cover-ups, wet clothing, and flip-flops will probably be considered inappropriate at any time on the casino floor.

If you are just going to be going to the pool area of a hotel, there is no need to put too much thought into a swimsuit or ensemble. However, if you will be visiting an adult pool or a pool party such as Tao Beach, Wet Republic, or Bare it might be a good idea to wear a stylish swimsuit like a bikini, tankini, or a monokini. For guys, pretty much anything goes at the adult pools so don’t worry too much about what is appropriate. Also be aware of the fact that some pools in Las Vegas offer European sunbathing for women, which means that there are certain areas of the pool that allow topless bathing. Don’t worry about running into these areas by accident, they are usually very secluded and you must present I.D. to get in.

If you will be attending one of the wild pool parties like Ditch at the Palms or Rehab at the Hard Rock, it might be a good idea to accessorize your bathing suit. Hats and jewelry are a great way to dress up an outfit. Also don’t forget to bring a stylish bathing suit cover-up. Guys, of course, can just wear t-shirts. Beach bags, sunglasses, and other stylish accessories will also help you show off your sense of style and may even help you get into the pool faster.