The Rock Spa at Hard Rock

Everyone knows that the guests at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino love to party. However, after a long night of partying a little relaxation might be in order. The clientele at Hard Rock is usually young, hip, and beautiful, so it is no wonder that The Rock Spa focuses on making guests feel relaxed in style.

The most popular services at The Rock Spa are of course tanning, waxing, and facials. Many guests also enjoy a deep tissue message; that is designed to firm and tighten skin for those wanting to look their best in tiny bikinis at the popular Hard Rock Pool Area. Another popular treatment is the “Rock N Roll” which includes a hot stone therapy session. The Rock Spa continues the “rock” theme with natural stone accents throughout the facility. The bathing areas are also relaxing retreats where the young and beautiful go to unwind.

Many guests enjoy a sweet coconut sugar rub. This treatment rids the body of dead skin cells and clears pores of harmful toxins leaving skin looking younger and healthier. However, the busiest place in the entire facility is the Brannon Salon where the latest styles are applied to everyone wanting to look their best when visiting the popular Las Vegas nightclubs.