Crazy Horse Paris

The only show of its kind outside of Paris, the Crazy Horse show is more than just a topless dance. The women of Crazy Horse are professional dancers trained in the art of seduction. High-tech lighting and brilliantly choreographed routines will leave you speechless. A group of 12 dancers were sent here directly from the Crazy Horse troupe in Paris to bring you their tantalizing delights. Their sexy dance routines are enhanced with projection lighting and psychedelic video.

Although some will call it so, Crazy Horse Paris is not a strip club. For one, the show isn’t free and tickets are required for the sit down show. Secondly, no one is tipping these girls. They are professional dancers. In one act, the girls put on pointe shoes and strip to a ballet. Many touches like these are uniquely French and several of the original dances from the Paris venue are performed here in Las Vegas. Although many will embrace the artistic side of Crazy Horse Paris, this show may not be the best choice for a wild bachelor party. Also, women seem to enjoy the show just as much as the male audience.

Culture, art, lighting, film, and incredible dance come together to bring Las Vegas a taste of the sophisticated Crazy Horse revue show direct from Paris.