MGM Grand Las Vegas Lobby

The lobby at the MGM Grand looks like something out of a movie and it really does live up to its name. When you first pull up to the hotel, you will feel like you’re in the middle of a classic movie. It’s glitzy and full of Las Vegas flair. But above all, it’s grand! The MGM is known for its lions, both live and statuesque. The first one is waiting to greet you as soon as you walk through the golden doors. The larger-than-life gold lion stands proud in the center of the round lobby raised on a pedestal of flowers or other decorations (depending on season)acting as door man that gives you just a little glimpse into what’s beyond the velvet ropes that line the front desk. The lion is covered by a dome ceiling with tiny gold lights shining down upon him. The use of gold is prominent throughout the casino, gold stars, gold lighting fixtures, and tons of gold lions.

As you proceed to the front desk, you will notice a wall of television screens. The wall is linked to slot machines being played in the casino if real time. The pieces of the puzzle appear as people drop coins into the slots. Whoever is lucky enough to unfold the last square wins the prize. This is an interactive experience that connects the front lobby to the casino in a way never before attempted by any other Vegas hotel.

But of course, one lion is not enough at the MGM. There is also an enormous round tile in the center of the room with the face of a roaring line staring back up at you. If you look above your head you will see thousands of tiny gold stars (which seem to glimmer in the lights at night) reminding you of all the movie stars of past and present associated with the MGM empire.