Mandalay Bay Casino

It is no secret that Mandalay Bay has the best pool in town. Not to mention some really exceptional dining, nightlife, and entertainment options. However, what you don’t hear about when talking about Mandalay Bay is the casino itself. Rumors of the casino seem to get lost in conversations about the wine at Aureole, the food at Fleur de Lys, or the vodka at Red Square and while all these things should be put on your “must-try” list when visiting Las Vegas, many will be surprised to find out that Mandalay Bay also has one of the best casinos in town and high-rollers just can’t seem to get enough of the high-stakes action that takes place.

What Mandalay Bay offers in all aspects of their hotel is luxury and comfort and this is no different in the casino. It would be almost impossible to think of a table game that is not offered here and while craps here may no offer as good of odds as at some downtown hotels, the people gambling here are really here for the atmosphere. A young crowd is what you’re likely to find at this casino. Beautiful young women trying to get the attention of men at the high-limit tables are pretty much the norm. While sometimes tables offer minimums as low as $10, don’t count on it and especially don’t expect to get much respect when sitting at them. When it comes to slots, Mandalay Bay has over 2,000! Many of the slots played here are newer video-style games which are really popular as of late. The casino is large and there is even a section of tables and slot machines overlooking the beautiful pool area which means you can gamble and watch hot young girls in bikinis at the same time. Since the hotel is geared mostly to young people the free drinks flow freely in the casino. Management isn’t dumb either, they know how easily young people are persuaded by free drinks so they keep them coming strong and often.

Since the clientele is young the race and sports book is actually set up for watching sports! While most in town cater more toward the race betters, the sports is actually the focus here. There are sixteen screens plus one giant screen which is usually showing the biggest event of the day. There is a lounge area with about 100 seats that allow betters to sit, chat, drink, and actually socialize while watching. There are still 120 seats for race bettors as well. The Turf Club Deli is located right next to the sports book so bettors can grab a quick bite.