Mandalay Bay Lobby Review

The lobby at Mandalay Bay instantly transports its guest to another world. An underwater world that seems untouched by human hands lives in the glass enclosed aquarium that serves as its centerpiece while, at the same time, a tropical rainforest rests quietly behind the front desk. The architecture inside the lobby is unique and statuesque, but hard to put your finger on a possible country of origin. To some, the lobby is reminiscent of an ancient Mayan temple, others would say that it looks like something created by Poseidon, himself.

The best way the lobby can be described is tropical meets elegant. Although hard to describe, it is certainly a sight to see. Wildlife is a huge part of the theme at this hotel and giant birdcages lie right in the middle of the action where guest can walk up and talk to the exotic birds inside. Grand columns and marble floors give the hotel a royal feel which is only a hint as to the luxury that you are about to receive after check in. However, don’t be fooled by the palm trees on the ceilings of tropical birds, guests rooms are sleek and modern and carry almost no theme at all.