Mandalay Bay Pool

Many Vegas insiders consider the Mandalay Bay to be the mother of all Las Vegas pools. This amazing pool experience includes an 11-acre beach with a gigantic (and well-known) wave pool, in addition to 3 smaller pools and a winding lazy river.

The Mandalay Bay Pool is one of the most popular pools in Las Vegas, and rightfully so. The European style (topless) pool area known as Moorea Beach Club offers some of the cushiest cabanas in town. The beach is piled high with imported beach sand. Although there is plenty of sand in the desert, there’s nothing like real beach sand.

Two restaurants border the large poolside areas, which are accessible from many areas along the lazy river. The first is the Bayside Buffet. Many hotels have buffets, but only Mandalay Bay puts theirs right up against the beach adjacent to the lazy river. After swimming, enjoy Raffles Café which offers casual American cuisine 24 hours a day. There is of course an outdoor bar and café as well for grabbing quick bites without even having to put shoes on.  Poolside food and beverage service is also available in most areas.

Not in the mood to get wet? The new Mandalay Bay poolside casino brings gaming action right up next to the relaxing pool atmosphere. This climate-controlled glass room has tables as well as slot machines for play as waves crash just feet from the building.  In addition to cabanas, bungalows and even villas are available for rent all along the pool. A third level of Mandalay Bay Beach offers private villas with a private pool area for those (mostly celebrities) who are trying to skip the crowds.

Mandalay Bay pool is crowded at almost any hour, as it transforms from a sunbathing haven during the day to a popular dance club at night. There is an outdoor concert venue that borders the pool where patrons can view the show from blankets sprawled out on the sand or even from inside the wave pool. This is one of the best places to see a live concert during select performance dates.

Best things about the Mandalay Bay Pool

- World-famous wave pool
- Spacious sandy beaches
- Poolside Casino
- Relaxing lazy river
European sunbathing at Moorea Beach