The Shark Reef

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay might possibly be the most the most unexpected exhibit you could find in the middle of the desert. The 1.6 million gallon tank is home to sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish, sawfish, and of course several different species of sharks. And the best part about the aquarium is that you don’t just get to see blurry shadows from above the water. Guests can actually walk through underground tunnels into the tanks itself!

The exhibit is themed after an ancient palace that fell below the sea. The above water area of the exhibit features rare species of crocodiles. As you make your descent, you won’t believe your eyes with the amount of fish and sea creatures that seem to be swimming all around you. Sharks and sting rays brush right up against the glass as you witness a large fish making a smaller fish his lunch. In fact, the Shark Reef is the only predator-based aquarium in North America. At the Shark Reef you will be introduced to creatures that you probably didn’t even know existed like the “monkey fish” which will actually jump out of the water to catch its prey. Another interesting part of the Shark Reef is the “touch pool." Guests are permitted to walk up to the tank and actually touch some of the rays and other friendly creatures that live in the tank. This exhibit is truly mesmerizing and great for kids.