Mirage Customer Review

This hotel was a steal! For what we paid, we still got GREAT value and excellent service. The rooms seemed like they had recently been renovated. The room was clean-cut and had nice décor. The hotel, in general, was very clean. I am highly sensitive to smoke, and compared to the other hotels in Las Vegas, this hotel wasn’t smokey at all. It was very fresh and clean. The restaurants here were decent, but we chose to eat elsewhere the majority of our stay. I loved their Revolution Lounge! It was the perfect spot to hit before a night out on the town! I loved how the theme of LOVE was carried over in to the bar. It was great! The pool area was a lot of fun! It tended to get a bit crowded, but its Las Vegas, so that can be expected anywhere. I loved the exterior decor of the hotel! It made me feel like I was at an oasis in the middle of the desert! The volcano was a really cool touch, as well! The hotel had a good balance of everything for every age, it seemed. There were kids by the pool, twenty-somethings in the bar every night, older people in the casino…it was a very well-rounded hotel. It is perfect for anyone at any age! – Ginnie W. (Alexandria, VA)