Mirage Las Vegas Pool

The secret behind this tropical oasis is right in the name. What is a Mirage? Well, in most cases, it is water! The too-good-to-be-true pool area at the Mirage has two main pools that are connected through a series of dramatic waterfalls and lagoons. Just like the hotel, the lush, tropical landscaping of the pool area is much more than expected for the desert or the middle of a busy Las Vegas Strip.

Jacuzzis and very comfortable lounge chairs make a day at the Mirage pools a soothing one.  Unique underwater lighting, very large palm trees and classic fountains give this pool area the reputation as one of the best landscaped pools in Las Vegas.

Poolside massages, very nice bungalows, and a variety of different levels of services are available for guests to enjoy. This way everyone can make the most out of an afternoon at the pool.  A poolside café is available for great food and drinks to cool off from the hot sun.

Also available through a separate exclusive entrance is Bare, the VIP beach club located poolside. This trendy setting, with a full bar and hip vibe, caters to guests who are looking for the nightclub party scene during the day. At Bare- guests will enjoy very comfortable day beds, VIP bottle service, and special pampering- all while enjoying European-style (topless) sunbathing. Separate admission may be required.

Best things about the Mirage Las Vegas Pool

- Amazing poolside landscaping
- Waterfalls and lagoons
- Comfortable lounge chairs
- Bare Beach Club
- Relaxing atmosphere