The Volcano at The Mirage

It’s hard not to notice the giant volcano welcoming you to The Mirage, especially if you arrive in Sin City at night. While it’s obviously not the size of a real volcano, this structure is still massive and a trademark of this Las Vegas hotel. Just like the neon cowboy and the pink lights of the Flamingo, the volcano at The Mirage does more than just set the atmosphere for this oasis-themed hotel. It’s an attraction all of its own. Every night, the volcano comes to life from 5 pm to 11 pm with brand new audio, visual and sensory effects that blow the original 1989 volcano out of the water.

First of all, the volcano has its very own soundtrack composed by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. Indian table master Zakir Hussain also contributed his musical talents to the soundtrack which is sold at the Mirage for charity. Proceeds go to the Clark County School District to support music education in schools. All of this music is blasted from a state-of-the-art Meyer sound system. This same sound system is used in the hotel’s LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil. Surrounding the volcano and its lagoon are 60 of these Meyers speakers that blast the music throughout the night.

Along with the musical element, the visuals and special effects of the volcano are brought to you by WET, the same company that designed the fountains at The Bellagio. WET’s trademarked FireShooters technology shoots fireballs as high as 12 feet into the air. “Lava” flows down the cracks of the volcano as the fireballs explode and pina colada scented smoke fills the air. The tech crew of the volcano show made sure guests wouldn’t have to smell any unpleasant odors and decided to infuse the smoke with the tropical scent.

The show ends with the ignition of the entire lagoon as the flames light up the sky one more time and the amazing rock soundtrack comes to an end. If you’re staying at The Mirage or just happen to be walking by, make sure you check out this mini-attraction on the Strip!