Mirage Lobby

As soon as you set foot inside the Mirage, you will understand the title. Just like its namesake Mirage is a tropical paradise in the middle of the desert. When you enter through the front doors you will see not only a busy gambling casino but also plush atmosphere that you probably weren’t expecting from looking at the outside of the hotel. The trees grow tall inside a large greenhouse that almost makes you forget that you are inside. As you proceed to the check-in area, you will notice a large fish tank behind the check-in area that almost makes you feel like you are in a giant submarine.

The aquarium is home to dozens of species of tropical fish, sharks, eels, and other sea creatures. The lobby area is filled with plant life that is beautifully kept and as lush and tropical as you would expect if you were traveling to Hawaii instead of Las Vegas. Just past the check-in is the Mirage’s Tropical Rainforest. Guests are able to walk through the foliage and see waterfalls, lagoons and rich tropical plants like orchids, bird of paradise, and bromeliads. Don’t be surprised if you feel the humidity rise as soon as you step into the lobby of the Mirage. Misters are set up to water the plants throughout the day and create a realistic tropical atmosphere.