Fantasy Suites at the Palms

It’s no secret that Palms just may be the party capital of Las Vegas. However, the multi-million dollar Fantasy Suites that sit high atop the Palms Fantasy Tower are often kept hidden from the public. These two thousand plus suites offer everything a party-goer could want. No matter what tickles your fancy… the Palms has a suite for you!

From living like the kids on The Real World to starring in your own movie in the Director’s Suite; most suites come equipped with the unusual amenities: plasma TVs, stripper poles, revolving beds, and even indoor/outdoor Jacuzzis that stretch out over the edge of the hotel and offer great views of the Strip.

The suites are designed mostly for parties and bachelor parties and these floors can get pretty loud. So couples looking for a romantic getaway may want to look else ware. The Fantasy Suites at the Palms are for those looking to party like rock stars (and those who have rock star money to spend)!

Erotic Suite 

The Erotic Suite is a bachelors dream. Perfect for bachelor parties, the Erotic Suite has an extra large Show Shower, which includes a stripper pole inside the shower as well as large glass fog windows. The suite comes complete with a master bedroom that has a full 8-foot round rotating bed and plasma TV. There is also a Jacuzzi tub with room for more than just one. The room also comes with a full bar, remote control drapes, and a superior quality sound system. This room is perfect for bringing ladies home from the club on a wild trip to Las Vegas. And starting at $3,000 a night, this is one of the less expensive Fantasy Suites.


Square feet: 2,476

Bedrooms: 2, one with a King Bed, one with two full beds.

Price Range: $3,000-$5,000 a night


For those who love ghostbar at the Palms so much that they don’t want to go back to their room, the Palms has created g-suite, a guest room recreation of the famous nightclub. g-Suite has the same look and feel of ghostbar with amazing views of the Strip and a replica of the famous glass floor. This suite has two bedrooms, a private Show Shower, a full bar, pool table, fireplace, pop-up plasma TVs, sound system, remote control drapes, and of course the priceless feeling of never leaving the nightclub.

With original furniture taken straight from the nightclub, this suite will fulfill any ghostbar lover’s fantasy. The party never has to stop in the g-Suite.

Square feet: 2,476

Bedrooms: 2, one with a King Bed, one with two full beds.

Price Range: $3,000-$5,000 a night

Kingpin Suite

One of only two guest rooms in the city that has its own bowling alley, the Kingpin Suite is perfect for any party. Guests can bowl a few frames and keep score in the working 2-lane bowling alley. The suite also has a full bar and lounge area. There is also an entire wall of plasma screen TVs and a projection TV area with enough room for plenty of guests on movie night.

The suite comes with bowling equipment, a full bar, plenty of lounging area, remote control drapes, a full size Jacuzzi tub, a pool table, a sound system, great views of the Strip and plenty of room to throw a party. However, after the guests leave the host can enjoy one of the comfortable bedrooms.

Square feet: 5,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms, 3 baths

Price Range: $7,500- $15,000 per night

Hardwood Suite

What do all guys fantasize about? SPORTS! The only hotel room in town with a half-basketball court, the Hardwood Suite is probably the best room in town to throw a party in because the basketball court doubles as a dance floor (kind of like at a high school dance). However, this suite has much more than just a basketball court. The two-story guest room has a scoreboard, a locker room, even it’s very own cheerleaders as well as the usual bedrooms and amenities found in all of the Fantasy Suites.

Amenities include a pool table, lounge, full bar, two bedrooms, three fold out beds that open right onto the court, Jacuzzi tub big enough to fit 8 people, rotating loveseat, dining area, media room, plasma TVs, and a Sony Playstation. This suite is big enough for any party with a maximum capacity of 325.   

Square feet:
10,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms

Price Range: $25,000 per night

Celebrity Suite

This suite is called the Celebrity Suite because the view and amenities would easily please any celebrity. However, non-celebrities love to throw parties in this room because there’s plenty of seating and there’s room to entertain. The décor has an old Hollywood feel that makes you feel famous the moment you walk in. The suite also has a full bar and a dining area.

Amenities include a fax machine, walk-in closet, fireplace, plasma TVs, and two full bedrooms. The sleek furniture and warm colors will help guests relax after getting away from the paparazzi. There are also plenty of plasma TVs to watch the latest Hollywood movies on.

Square feet: 1,470 square feet

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms

Price Range: $2,000- $3,000 per night

Hot Pink Suite

Just like it sounds, the Hot Pink Suite looks more like the Barbie dream house than a hotel room. Perfect for a bachelorette party, the entire suite is decorated in pink with fur accents, perfect for any party princess. Amazing views of the Strip and a terrazzo bubble floor are absolutely adorable in this posh pad.

Vinyl seating adds to the theme and like every Fantasy Suite there’s a Palms famous Show Shower complete with stripper pole. The Suite has a fireplace and it comes complete with bathrobes and slippers to create the perfect slumber party. However, let’s keep in mind this is an adult slumber party and there’s a full bar to get the bachelorette on her way to the night of her life. Amenities like plasma screen TVs, a Hollywood style dressing vanity (any grown up little girl’s dream). There is also a full dining table so the girls can order room service and eat breakfast in their bathrobes after a long girl’s night out. The Hot Pink Suite is a girl’s fantasy. Besides, why should the bachelors have all the fun!

Square feet: 2,350 square feet

Bedrooms: 2 master bedrooms, one with king bed. One with two double beds.

Price Range: $3,000-$4,000 per night

Playpen Suite

The Playpen Suites are specifically designed for bachelor and bachelorette parties. With stripper poles at the end of the bed and hardwood dance floors, the party never has to stop. Murphy beds fold down to create a naughty room fit for bachelor party fun. Strobe and techno lighting complete the effect and the room is also equipped with all the amenities to make your stay just as enjoyable as it is fun.

Retro décor and mod leather furniture go perfectly with the sensual red and black tones of the room. The room is also big enough to throw a nice pre-party or after party. With one master bedroom and two double beds in an adjoining room, the room is great for the bachelor and a few of his closest friends.

Square feet: 1,500 square feet

Bedrooms: 1 master bedrooms with kind bed, 1 bedroom with two double beds.

Price Range: $1,500-$2,500 per night

Real World Suite

The Real World Suite at the Palms may be one of the most famous guest rooms in town. In 2002, MTVs The Real World filmed an unforgettable season in Las Vegas. In one of the most successful season’s ever the cast lived in a 3,000 square foot suite on the 28th floor of the Palms Casino Resort. Six guest rooms were torn down to make room for the most dramatic suite in town. The suite is the first hotel guest room in town to have a full working kitchen and bar. The suite has three bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a pool table, a fish tank, a lounge and study area, and the best part…communal showers. The Suite also has a “confessional” room where the Real Worlders would go to talk directly to the cameras about other cast mates.

Square feet: 3,000 square feet
Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

Price Range: $7,000-$15,000 per night

Sky Villa

With two to chose from, a one-story and a two-story sky villa, these suites are extravagant beyond belief. Everything you could ever want in a hotel room comes standard in the Sky Villas. The Sky Villas get their names primarily because of the way they are open to the outside. Glass walls, balconies in every room, and a Jacuzzi that literally stretches out over the edge of the hotel and end in a glass well make these suites feel like your sleeping in the sky, with spectacular views of the Strip.

The two-story sky villa has a glass elevator to travel between floors and it comes with private massage rooms, revolving beds, steam rooms, saunas, exercise rooms, poker table, pantry, full bar, indoor water features, a fireplace, and three bedrooms.

Square feet: one story: 6,100 square feet; two story: 9,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

Price Range: $30,0000- $50,000 per night

Crib Suite

The Crib Suite is a hip-hop lover’s fantasy. The room is set up to look like something you might see in a music video. A DJ booth in the center of the room and a fish tank in the bedroom make this suite the perfect spot to throw an intimate party.  Amenities in the Crib Suite include a full bar, a hydraulic bed, a hi-fi stereo system, pool table, fish tank, large Jacuzzi, DJ equipment, remote control drapes and plasma TVs. Guest can throw parties just like their favorite hip-hop stars in this lavishly decorated suite. Black leather and silver accents give the place a posh feeling that looks like it belongs inside the crib of your favorite celebrity.

Square feet: 2,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms

Price Range: $4,000-$8,000 per night

Director’s Suite

Guests can star in their own film in the Director’s Suite. Fit for a celebrity, the Director’s Suite comes equipped with a private Show Shower, a full bar, a two-way fireplace, plasma TVs, a steam shower, Jacuzzi tub, dining area, lounge area, superior sound system. The suite even has a “quiet please” sign located outside the door so room service won’t knock while the cameras are rolling. Guests can take action in the Show Shower which offers a stripper pole and specialty steam windows. This suite is perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party or even just a party for some of your favorite moviegoers.

Square feet: 1,500 square feet

Bedrooms: 1 master bedroom

Price Range: $2,000-$5,0000 per night

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

The grand daddy of all guest rooms is by far the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. The two-story 9,000 square foot Villa includes a glass elevator, rotating bed, and a glass wall Jacuzzi that extends out over the hotel and offers amazing Strip views.

Other amenities include: Terrace with Playboy Pool and sunbathing area, indoor water features, show tub, steam room, gym, media room, massage and spa rooms, poker table, wet bar, espresso machine, fireplace, three bedrooms, and pop-up plasma TVs.

The suite cost roughly $10 million to build but the high-rollers can rent it for a small $40,000 a night. Hugh Hefner, however, stays for free and although Hefner is known as a homebody who often requires his girlfriends to follow a curfew, even he has spent a few nights away from the mansion at the Sky Villa.

The Suite itself was built to model the original playboy mansion; it also incorporates elements derived from a vintage Playboy magazine article about the ultimate bachelor pad. All of this has been taken into consideration to create the ultimate high-roller party spot. (Bunnies not included)

Square feet: 9,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

Price Range: $40,000 + per night