The Playboy Store

If you’re staying at The Palms chances are you might start to see a certain bunny logo popping up everywhere. The Palms hosts the one and only Playboy Club in the world and has been seen on plenty of reality television shows. It features the hottest female blackjack and poker dealers dressed in the traditional bunny costume along with the best casino features Las Vegas can offer. There are plenty of people, both men and women, that idolize Hugh Hefner and his Playboy empire, and if you’re one of them you’ll definitely have to consider stopping by the Playboy Store located at the Palms Fantasy Tower.

While the Playboy Store didn’t open until 2006, the bunny has been seen on fashion lines since 1999 when the Playboy fashion line had its international debut. You can buy all kinds of clothing, from sexy lingerie to cute track suits and t-shirts. Recently the store amped up their clothing line to feature a wonderful accessory line with hot sunglasses and handbags. For the big spenders there is even a jewelry line with diamond and platinum Playboy bunnies the biggest fans can wear as necklaces, rings, bracelets and even watches. The merchandise caters to both men and women, so don’t worry about not finding something for the guys.

The Playboy fashion and accessory line even added makeup to their inventory. You can buy lipglosses and other makeup products that will help finish off your best Playboy look before you head out to the Playboy Club or any other hot Las Vegas nightclub on the Strip. If you want to get some souvenirs for your friends or for yourself, the Playboy Store has plenty of those as well.