Gondola Rides

Diners in otherwise quiet cafes inside the Venetian hear the song of the Gondoliers as they come marching through the streets early in the morning. The Gondoliers love to start their day with a song as they head to work. The song breaks through the quiet streets of the Grand Canal Shoppes as patrons rush to get in line to be the first to ride the Gondola.

Sometimes up to seven Gondolas fill the tiny canal at once making it almost impossible for onlookers to focus on just one singer (did we mention the gondoliers sing as they steer the boats).  These romantic rides will take guests through tunnels, under bridges and all along the Grand Canal Shoppes. The Gondolas are modeled after real Venetian Gondolas.

There is also an outdoor ride which travels through an outdoor canal located in front of the hotel. This ride is more realistic because riders are actually outside on the streets just like in Venice. Both rides are romantic and relaxing. However, the outdoor ride closes for inclement weather. There are also special wedding Gondolas that are decorated especially for the bride and groom.

No trip to Vegas would be complete without a ride on the Venetian Gondolas.