The Venetian Lobby

Walking into the lobby at the Venetian is like walking into Italy. You are instantly transported to another time and place. The first thing you will notice is the size. The ceilings are so tall that you will feel almost insignificant amidst this massive structure. You are instantly greeted by a gold fountain. A beautiful globe sprays water from every angle. This is a great spot to stop and take a photo. The fountain is a wishing fountain. However, the pennies thrown into the fountain are donated (and matched by Venetian owner, Sheldon Adelson) to a local drug counseling center.

As you make your way past the fountain you will encounter a line at the front desk unlike any in Vegas. As you’re making your way to the maze of ropes keep in mind that there must be a reason so many people are checking in here. Once you’ve received your room key you will walk through the Ventian’s breathtaking replica of the famous walkway in the Sistine Chapel. Although beautiful, this ceiling was not easy to duplicate. Don’t get excited—no one got on a latter and painted upside down. However, the artwork was hand painted. The canvases were painted on the ground and then relocated onto the ceiling after they were finished. Owner Sheldon Adelson however; was not impressed with some of the originals and had them torn down and repainted after seeing them hung. The finished product, however, makes the lobby at the Venetian a sight to see!