Venetian Pool

The Venetian has three separate and very distinct pool areas. The first is the main pool area with an Olympic size swimming pool. To get to the main pool, you must first walk through gardens and under archways covered in vines. You will come to a small lounging pool that just barely covers the sunken lounge chairs. You will always find people in this pool relaxing and enjoying the sun. Many use this area to read or play with children as it is so shallow. You can also lounge on one of the many chaise lounge chairs that surround the small pool.

If you continue on the path you will eventually come to a large opening in the garden which encloses the main pool area. This pool is enormous and looks almost too big to swim across it. You will also see chaise lounges stacked up to 5 layers deep in some areas. This area is usually very crowded. However, you will feel like the only one there because as soon as you walk up a pool attendant will help you locate a chair and change the towels for you if someone has occupied the chair earlier in the day. Once you get settled a cocktail waitress will come by and offer cocktails. You can also grab a bite to eat at Wolfgang’s Riva, a poolside café. There are also lounging beds and cabanas for rent. The lounging beds are a great in-between option. Although private and enclosed, they still provide sunlight so you can work on your tan. They are also much more reasonable than the pricey cabanas.

The third pool area is located near the Venezia tower at a separate entrance. This pool is much smaller with a secluded feeling and a hot tub area. This pool area is located adjacent to Bouchon Restaurant and is shaded by tall bushes that surround the pool. This pool is a great option for those trying to stay away from the crowds and just enjoy a quiet day by the pool. However, all the services and amenities are only found at the main pool.

If you’re looking for more of an upscale crowd you may want to try Tao Beach which is a private adult-only pool area located near the main pool with its own private entrance. Select pools are open and heated in the winter months, depending mostly on demand.