Wynn Las Vegas Pool

With two traditional round pools and a European style pool, Wynn Las Vegas is not only one of the best places to stay and play, but also one of the best places on the strip to get a tan. The two larger round pools are connected by a canal. You can swim from one pool to the other through the passageway that is shaded by two bridges. There are cabanas all along the side of the pool that are for rent. What’s nice about these cabanas, as apposed to many is that these cabanas aren’t really cabanas at all. They’re actually rooms with electricity, ceiling fans, and flat screen TVs. Each cabana also comes complete with an outdoor patio for sunbathing and a refrigerator stocked with cold drinks. You can even get a pre-programmed ipod (available upon request).

You can also go tanning at a separate, adult-only European style pool. The pool itself has round lounging pads with umbrellas built right into the center of the pool. They are cushioned and since the pool is shallow in most places, you can even bring your towel out to one of the pads so you don’t have to keep going back to your lounge chair. This area also has an outdoor grill, everything is cooked fresh right in front of you just like a traditional backyard BBQ, so the food always comes to you hot and delicious. Cocktail waitresses are always nearby at all of the pool areas and room service can be ordered from the cabanas.

There is another pool area one floor above the main pool for Tower Suite guests only. This private pool area is truly a VIP experience and is often frequented by celebrities who are staying in some of the hotel suites. Separate cabanas are available in this area as well.

Tip: If you are staying at the Wynn (which is pretty much the only way to get into any of the pools), you can call the pool in the morning and tell them to reserve lounge chairs for you in a certain area (this is a complimentary service). This is a great way to ensure a good spot during the crowded summer months.