Wynn Las Vegas Weddings

The Wynn Las Vegas is famous for both their five star service and their floral theme and with that combination how could they not host the most elegant wedding ceremonies in town. Their Wedding Salons are really more than just chapels. The floral arrangements created by the staff will take your breath away as they are designed and arranged to draw the eye to the alter and not steal the focus. Even the lighting in the Salon’s has been fine tuned to make you look your best of your big day. Like every aspect of the hotel, the Wynn leaves no stone left unturned and allows you a wide variety of options for both ceremony and reception services.

For intimate ceremonies with less than 65 guests the Lilac Salon will amaze your guests with modern beauty and pastels finishes. This Salon is the most traditional with a simple elegance that will have the guest looking only at you and your new spouse instead of the rest of the room. Plush upholstered pews are comfortable and stylish. If you are expecting a few more guests and want an added touch of drama you will not believe your eyes when you set foot in the Lavender Salon. The Lavender Salon is both beautiful and dramatic. Pink roses are painted onto stained glass behind the alter with dramatic floral arrangements everywhere you look. A beautiful floral archway at the alter will be a spot you’ll never forget as you share your first kiss as husband and wife. White draperies and tassels complete this incredible look in a room that can accommodate up to 120 guests. For an intimate candlelit outdoor ceremony, the Primrose Courtyard is both exotic and elegant with a hint of contemporary flair. Extravagant cloth drapes the gazebo as flowers float on water in large columns that frame the alter. The courtyard is completely enclosed for a private ceremony that is like none other in Las Vegas.

The Wynn will take excellent care of your intimate day by providing a skilled wedding coordinator that knows just the right questions to ask in order to create the ceremony of your dreams. They will be there every step of the way to help with decisions on flowers, cakes, photography, videography, hotel accommodations, catering and receptions services, and any other detail you can think of to make your day as special as possible for both you and your guests. The Wynn Las Vegas also offers a wide variety of reception options from private rooms in one of the five star restaurants to expertly appointed banquet halls and world class catering service.