BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

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BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

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BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark
Next time you escape to the bright lights and bustling attractions of the Las Vegas Strip, don’t forget to take a breather with BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark. This unique dining establishment requires that all phones be stored in lockers upon entering. Staff will check you in for any dining allergies before shuffling you into a darkened room, the main seating area. Taking your hand, your host will show you where to sit and let the sightless experience begin. The entire meal takes place in utter darkness, within a room specially designed to keep out all sources of light. Seven different courses will appear throughout the heightened adventure, each plate unknown to you until you take a bite of its contents. Don’t worry — once you have completed your final drinks and desserts, restaurant staff will escort you back to the lobby to reclaim your things and let your eyes adjust to the blinking light of Vegas.

Often, we find ourselves distracted by the constant influx of sights and digital connectivity. But one restaurant in Las Vegas is aiming to amend that. At the BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark, sit down for a seven-course meal devoid of all sight and seated in complete darkness. No doubt, if you are looking for a calm meal outside the buzzing Vegas strip or are seeking a new type of date night activity, you must choose BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark. has your tickets at discounted prices – book your tickets today!


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 5pm-10:30pm and Friday-Sunday 12pm-10:30pm.

90 minutes

Age Restriction: 
Ages 13+. Guests under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark
3871 S Valley View Blvd, Suite 8
Las Vegas , Nevada 89103
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