All Ages Shooting Experience by TopShot

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All Ages Shooting Experience by TopShot

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Top Shot Las Vegas
Prepare for battle at Top Shot Las Vegas, a virtual indoor shooting range unlike any other, when you purchase your tickets for less at From real firearms to top-of-the-line shooting ranges, everything you’ll find at a live-fire facility will be yours at Top Shot Las Vegas, except one thing: live ammo. Top Shot is revolutionizing the shooting landscape with its method of utilizing non-lethal training ammo, which has been used by the US military, special forces and other law enforcement officials for years. Instead, you will experience highly-realistic training rounds with recoil, shell ejection and high-tech lasers, offering the most authentic and safest experience possible. Then, you will be able to immerse yourself in the most intense real-world or fantastical scenarios. Check out the packages below:

Ultimate Gun Battle
Strap yourself into our Topshot vest and go head to head with your friends in an electrifying experience that’s catered to adventure-seekers. Package includes Virtual Range, where you’ll use a real Glock pistol to practice your aim and accuracy in a recoil-free environment, preparing you for the challenges that awaits. Then it’s off to the high-tech audio video room, where you’ll get your hands on an AR-15 and Glock pistol as you come face to face with a counter-terrorism situation through the use of high definition audio and video. Here, these rounds are designed to simulate the feel of real-live ammunition. Lastly, gear up for the Combat Maze, where you’re armed with a real Glock, loaded with non-lethal ammo and engage in the most realistic combat experience using Topshot vests. And, yes, it even deliver a vibration or a safe localized shock to the abdomen Are you ready for a massive adrenaline dump?

Gun Battle
The one and only gun battle you’ll ever want to be a part of is yours at Top Shot. The “Gun Battle” experience starts at the first stop – the Virtual Range, where you’ll use a Glock training pistol to sharpen your skills. Now that you’ve practiced your aim, it’s time to enter the only 360-degree combat maze in Vegas for the real deal. Armed with a Glock pistol, loaded with non-lethal ammo and engage in the most realistic combat experience using our Topshot vests that delivers a vibration or a safe localized shock to the abdomen when a hit is detected. Are you ready for a massive adrenaline dump?.

Zombie Survival

Can you survive against horrifying hordes of the undead? See for yourself during Zombie Survival! Defend yourself in a world overrun by zombies by gaining in-depth, hands-on knowledge through virtual trainer and simulation rooms, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of real handguns and rifles before making your way to the Shoot House. Unlike any other shooting experience in Sin City, the Shoot House catapults you right into the “lights out challenge” in this wild 360-degree shooting facility It’s a race against the clock in the most realistic counter-terrorist simulator you’ll ever experience using a real Glock firearm and loaded with Man-Marker rounds

Attraction Highlights
Dive straight into the action at Top Shot Las Vegas with tickets at discount prices from Choose out-of-this-world experiences including High Voltage, Gun Battle and Zombie Survival, where you'll put your skills to the test using next-level technology. If you're looking to elevate your next trip to Sin City or you want to step away from the casinos and parties, Top Shot Las Vegas is just what you're looking for. It's everything you want in a gun range without the fear of real ammo. Step outside your comfort zone and into Top Shot Las Vegas!


Hours of Operation:
Daily 10am - 6pm

Age Requirements:
Ages 8+

TopShot Las Vegas
3084 S. Highland Drive, Suite C
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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