VR Combat Arena at Pole Position Raceway

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VR Combat Arena at Pole Position Raceway



Run around in virtual reality at Pole Position Raceway Las Vegas inside the Omniverse VR Arena.  Discover a new way to experience VR games with the Omni Arena by Virtuix. This VR system allows players to walk, run and turn 360 degrees in real life and have their movements translated to the VR world. Compete with your friends up to 4 players in VR games like Dead Zone Zombies where a plentiful arrange of weapons stands between you and hordes of zombies. Loot some treasure and conquer skeleton pirates in Blackbeard Trails of Skull Island or enter an exciting match of Elite Force Deathmatch Shooter. These are just some of the popular games available when you buy tickets to VR at Pole Positions Las Vegas. Come today and experience the new VR battlefield within the Omni Arena.


8-10 minutes

Age Limit:
6+, minors must be accompanied by an adult

Pole Position Raceway
4175 S. Arville, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
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